School Programs

Our fantastic School dance program has been running in WA based schools for 18 years, and it is the most rewarding program we run. Teaching children and teenagers how to dance has been Principal Julie’s passion for many years. To be able to bring dance to school students’ lives, and watch all the physical, social and emotional benefits it gives to young people is something that Julie, and all of us at Danza Pasion hold close to our hearts.

Benefits of Dancing to School students

Physical – Regular dancing is a fantastic way to fight the growing childhood obesity problem facing Australia. Dancing is a fun way to keep active and increase cardiovascular fitness, and more importantly help promote a healthy active lifestyle in young people.

Emotional –The Danza Pasion School programs are designed very carefully to ensure students find it easy to learn throughout the entire program. This is very important as it gives all students (even shy and unsure students) the confidence to have fun and perform all the dance moves. This gives all our students a great sense of achievement and increased self-esteem.

Abundant clinical research is also proving that dancing improves mood and reduces the risk and severity of depression and anxiety. Dancing makes you happy!

Social – Our School dance programs helps students to learn how to approach, interact and behave appropriately towards members of the opposite sex.

Age appropriate programs for K-12

We cater for all age groups and ensure what they are taught is age appropriate in terms of difficulty of steps, choice of music and style of dance.


An array of dance styles available.

We can teach everything from the many traditional ballroom styles, to salsa, Bachata and Street Latin, with contemporary funk and modern dance styles that we continue to evolve with current pop culture changes.
Although the majority of styles we teach are partner based dance, many styles are easily adapted into single (no partner) dance styles also.

How the Program can be structured

Our school program is most often taught in a half term or full term format. Ranging from 5-12 week courses.

The Danza Pasion School Program can also be structured and designed for an end of term performance, or alternatively for an end of term Ball or school dance.

Special one or two session appearances can be organised for specialized classes such as a performing arts class.

If you have any enquires, or would like a quote, please contact Julie or Adam via phone or email at a time of your convenience.