Do I need a partner?
No, Although you are welcome to dance with one partner that you bring if you prefer, you don’t need to bring a partner. The majority of our students come without partners, and so we encourage those without partners to change partners often so that they get a chance to dance with all the students and instructors in a class.

If I bring a partner, do I have to change partners?
No, If you prefer not to dance with anyone else, you are more than welcome to stay with your own partner throughout the class.

What is the dress code?
Smart casual / Smart.

What shoes do I wear?
Girls – At a beginners level, we suggest something that holds to your foot (no flip flops such as thongs). It doesn’t matter if they are heels or flats, just make sure they don’t slip off. Avoid sneakers. If you have dance shoes or jazz shoes, then bring them along!
Guys – At a beginners level, just about any closed shoe will be ok. As you get more advanced you may want to invest in some proper dance shoes.

How do we pay for lessons / classes?
Electronic bank transfers, cheque or cash, we don’t have eftpos facilities at the our studios.

I / my partner has two left feet, should we still dance, can you still teach us?
Of course we can still teach you! Everyone thinks they have two left feet, but no one thinks that they have two left feet after a couple of weeks at Danza Pasion!

Is there an age limit / Am I too old to dance?
NO!! You are never too old to dance. Dancing is a great way to move, keep fit and improve your balance. Best of all, it is low impact, so you get a great workout, without getting sore joints, all while having fun!! Our classes have students that are teenagers, middled aged, seniors and everything inbetween.

Online Class Enrolment and Payment

Don’t want to pay with Credit card? Prefer to pay in person with cash or eftpos?
No problems, please Enrol online here instead