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Same Sex Wedding Dance Tips and Where to Find LGBT Dance Lessons and Classes in Perth

Same sex marriage has finally come to Australia, and many couples are excitedly planning their nuptials. One of the most fun and exciting parts of a wedding is your first dance together as brides or grooms. Your first dance should be a special and memorable event that goes exactly the way you want it to, whether that means slow and romantic or funny and flamboyant. Here are some tips for planning the perfect first dance.

Start planning early

Start thinking about your dance as soon as possible to give yourself enough time to build your confidence and skills. Ideally, you should start your LGBT wedding dance classes in Perth at least a few months before the big day. If your schedule is hectic or you would like a more choreographed dance, you may want to start as much as six months in advance. It takes time for couples to learn the basic steps and start feeling comfortable together on the dance floor.

Share your vision

Talk with your teacher about the vision you have for your first dance. Are you picturing it classy and traditional, simple and elegant, fun and creative, or elaborate and showy? The more clearly you explain what you want to your instructor, the better able they will be to give you what you want. Tell them if you’d like a particular move worked in or if you don’t like something. Work with your instructor to create the perfect dance that’s perfectly “you.”

Practice in shoes such as the ones you’ll be wearing during the real thing

If you’ll be getting married in heels, bring some that are similar to your same sex wedding dance classes in Perth, along with a comfortable pair of flats. Doing this will give you the opportunity to learn the steps in flats and then practice them in heels. Even if you aren’t wearing heels, be sure to practice your dance moves in shoes like the ones you’ll be wearing at the wedding. If you feel so inclined, professional dance shoes look sharp and are very comfortable. Some of them are even suitable for the ceremony and can go straight to the dance floor.

Encourage each other, be patient, and have fun

As you practice your dance, you’ll gain confidence dancing as a couple. Practice as much as you can between lessons to explore the new skills you’ve learned and grow as dancers. Practice also gives you a chance to identify any potential issues and bring them up at your next lesson. Encourage each other and be patient – learning any new skill takes time. Above all, have a blast and enjoy learning a new dance together.

Where to Take LGBT Wedding Dance Lessons in Perth

At Danza Pasion, we offer same sex wedding dance lessons in Perth to help happy couples celebrate their special days. We love teaching couples the dances they want to dance in a fun and friendly environment and make it easy to learn for anyone. Contact Danza Pasion today and get ready to learn the wedding dance of your dreams.