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Looking for LGBT Dance Classes in Perth? Consider the Benefits of Same Sex Ballroom Lessons at Danza Pasion

It’s important to find fun things to do together as a couple, and if you can find something that helps you stay fit at the same time, that’s even better. Ballroom dancing provides many health benefits for people of all ages. Because dancing isn’t something you might think of as “exercise,” it might just be that fun physical activity you can finally stick with in the long term. Whether you’re straight or LGBT, dance classes in Perth at Danza Pasion offer the following advantages and then some.


As you spend time dancing with your partner, you’ll both find your strength and muscle tone increasing. Ballroom dancing strengthens your muscles by forcing them to resist against your own body weight. The quick turns, spins, and struts involved all work in building up your leg muscles. Male dancers who lift their partners get even more muscle-building benefits. All these actions enhance your strength, and you’ll find yourself getting stronger and leaner as you participate regularly.


Flexibility is one of the best benefits of ballroom dancing. Men and women alike enjoy increased flexibility and range of motion. Most dance classes include stretches to protect against injury and prepare your body to perform the necessary moves easier. As you learn to dance, you’ll naturally become more and more flexible because many of the steps you’ll learn involve even more bending and stretching.


When your muscles can work harder for extended periods of time, you’re building endurance. The intensity of ballroom dancing makes it a particularly effective way to build stamina. Each time you work with your partner on moves such as quick steps, turns and twists, and lifts, you’re conditioning your body to dance longer and longer before you become fatigued. As your endurance grows, you’ll also find that even the things you do daily become easier.

Mental Health

Whether you’re straight or LGBT, dance lessons in Perth are a fun social activity to enjoy with your partner or by yourself. As a communal endeavour, dancing has a positive impact on your mental well-being. Being around other people with similar interests can help you make friends, have a more positive outlook, and build self-confidence and a feeling of achievement.

Where to Find Same Sex Dance Classes in Perth

At Danza Pasion, we welcome those interested in same sex dance lessons in Perth as well as straight couples and single individuals. For 15 years and in three convenient locations, we make dancing fun and easy for everyone in a friendly, supportive environment. Our experienced instructors can help you learn step-by-step to ensure that you have a solid grasp on the basic steps before moving on to more advanced moves. If you’ve been interested in ballroom or other dance lessons but weren’t sure if it was for you, we encourage you to give it a try. Many people find that they have a true passion for this fun, healthy, artistic activity. Contact Danza Pasion today to learn more about our class schedule and how to register for classes.