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Are You Considering LGBT Ballroom Dancing? Here’s Why You’ll Love the Classes at Danza Pasion in Perth Whether You’re a Straight or Same Sex Couple or Going Solo

Does your relationship need a dose of spontaneity? Ballroom dance lessons are fun, easy, and available at Danza Pasion. Whether you’re straight or LGBT, ballroom classes in Perth are a welcome change from yet another dinner-and-movie night out. Here’s why you’ll love them.

Get to know your partner – again

If you and your partner know each other so well that’s it’s started to become a little boring, dancing is a great way to reignite the spark. Dancing has a way of bringing people out of their shells and empowering them to be themselves – in a good way. It builds confidence and gives people an outlet for the sparkle they may hide in their daily life. If you’re ready to see your partner in a new light, whether you’re straight or the same sex, ballroom classes in Perth at Danza Pasion can rekindle the flame.

Keep fit while you have fun

Dancing is a very physical activity. That’s good news if you have trouble getting enough exercise – especially if it’s because you find exercise tedious. Dancing is anything but boring, and it’s a great workout as well. Many people stick with it because it’s fun, it blasts calories and fat, it provides all the health benefits of regular exercise, and will feel nothing like those dull hours on the treadmill.

Know where to go

If you’re a gambler, you know where all the best clubs and casinos are. If you love to shop, you know where to find the best deals. Likewise, if you’re a dancer, you know where to go dancing, what music they play, and what to do when you arrive. You’ll learn where the hip places are to take your friends – and trust us: there’s nothing more fun than dancing the night away with fun people you like. Also, if your friends are the ones who suggest dancing, you’ll be prepared. Awkwardly avoiding the action becomes a thing of the past!

Redefine date night

If you and your partner have settled into a tired routine of dinners and movies out (or in), maybe it’s time to switch it up. Make your date nights as magical as they used to be with same sex ballroom dancing in Perth. Your anniversary shouldn’t be the only night of the year you do something special. Make your weekly date night brag-worthy by strapping on your dancing shoes and showing off for each other.

LGBT Ballroom Dancing in Perth at Danza Pasion

These are only a few of the reasons to take ballroom dance lessons – you really must try it for yourself to experience the fun and freedom. For 15 years, Danza Pasion has been helping singles and couples build confidence and skill on the dance floor in a fun and friendly environment. With or without partners, everyone is welcome. We’ll make it fun and easy, even if you think you have two left feet. Our instructors have years of experience and love sharing dance with new students. Contact Danza Pasion to sign up today.