Salsa, one of the most popular Latin dances, is taught in studios all around the world. With salsa, you can tap into your inner fire and bring it out in a passionate, intense dance. With Danza Pasion in Perth, you can take salsa classes and reveal your inner passion in a fun, easy-to-learn environment! Though.. Read More

Learning to dance is a challenge, but it is one of the most fun and enjoyable challenges you will ever tackle. Danza Pasion, a Perth dance studio with years of experience teaching students of all skill levels, hosts weekly classes in Latin dancing and ballroom in the area. However, if you are more interested in.. Read More

Same sex marriage has finally come to Australia, and many couples are excitedly planning their nuptials. One of the most fun and exciting parts of a wedding is your first dance together as brides or grooms. Your first dance should be a special and memorable event that goes exactly the way you want it to,.. Read More

Does your relationship need a dose of spontaneity? Ballroom dance lessons are fun, easy, and available at Danza Pasion. Whether you’re straight or LGBT, ballroom classes in Perth are a welcome change from yet another dinner-and-movie night out. Here’s why you’ll love them. Get to know your partner – again If you and your partner.. Read More

If you’re planning a wedding soon, one of the romantic details you may be thinking about is your first dance as a married couple. Couples all have different styles when it comes to their first dance. Some are serious and traditional, while others cut loose and make it all about having fun. Either way, one.. Read More

It’s important to find fun things to do together as a couple, and if you can find something that helps you stay fit at the same time, that’s even better. Ballroom dancing provides many health benefits for people of all ages. Because dancing isn’t something you might think of as “exercise,” it might just be.. Read More

Do you want to learn Latin dancing, but you want to bring something especially exciting to the dance floor? Argentine tango may be the dance for you, and we can help you learn it at Danza Pasion in Perth. We hold introductory tango dancing classes every week at our Balcatta location. If you are more.. Read More

Dancing the Argentine tango or salsa will make you feel alive and fit. These dances, especially the tango, are not for the faint of heart and are exciting and passionate. At Danza Pasion in Perth, we can give you Latin dancing lessons you will never forget. We work out of three locations every week and.. Read More

Even if you believe you are the least coordinated person alive in Perth, you can benefit from the fun and exciting aspects of dancing ballroom styles and Latin styles. Danza Pasion is your local studio that can offer dance classes for any skill level, whether you have never set foot on a dance floor before.. Read More

Preparing for a wedding can take a lot of time, but remember that the wedding and bridal dance will be the first time you step out as a married couple. The wedding dance is traditionally a couple’s dance, and if you do not have many dancing skills, you might fear that moment. Instead, enjoy your.. Read More